To the Zlín Region to Gain Your Health


We inform you that we are about to host an international conference on health and incentive tourism “To the Zlín Region to Gain Your Health in the Spa of Luhačovice on 26 and 27 May 2016. The conference will be organized by the Zlín Region and the Zlín Regional Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the East-Moravian Tourist Authority, which is a public body established by the Zlín Region.


The participants to the conference will learn about medical and spa programs and renowned medical institutions, but also about local traditions and cultural heritage throughout the Region. In addition to medical processes and relax programmes, the conference will also provide information about medical services that are available here, e.g. infertility treatment, eye surgery, dental treatment, orthopedic surgery and general surgery. The conference is intended for medical professionals, representatives of medical institutions, travel agencies, tour operators, medical specialists and everybody who is interested in anything that our multifaceted Region can offer.


In February you can learn further information and terms of participation in the conference on our website

You can also get information on the following contacts:

Mrs. Bohdana Konecna

Center for International Cooperation, Zlín Regional Chamber of Commerce

E-mail:, tel.: +420 572 154 554